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About me

Hello! I'm Enrico, the owner of El Cuciar. Before I introduce you to my place I'd like to tell you my story.
It all started some years ago, during one of my business trips: something unusually worrying happened to me, my stomach was blocked because of an autoimmune disease and this compromised my health.
Thanks to some fortitude, awareness and the discovery of natural cooking properties, I was able to recuperate my health relatively quickly. Since that time I have really taken to heart the messages coming from the natural world.
My studies were concentrated on specializing in natural cooking. Now with experimentation I am cooking dishes in a more healthy version without sacrificing taste, which is possibly one of the most important factors when dining.
The more the time passed, the fitter and healthier I felt and soon I decided to share my knowledge with others. At first I was just giving small tips to friends and acquaintances on how to enhance their quality of life. Later I started to give cooking classes, cooking for events and food sampling for gourmets and people who were curious about Natural Cuisine.
In that way I developed my own unique style of cooking: effective, versatile and responsible.
My experience has grown and today I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my place, where I propose an alternative menu without forgetting traditional cuisine.
So a heartfelt welcome to El Cuciar please let me share with you my knowledge, in accordance with Nature, from the Natural world.

My Idea

Literally El Cuciar means "the spoon" in Veronese slang. So here at El Cuciar Bistrot, in Piazza Duomo 6/A, Verona, Italy, we serve drinks and authentic dishes prepared with quality ingredients that are mostly local and seasonal. We give special attention to the raw materials, the suppliers; we choose only that what is produced or cultivated with care, dedication and awareness. We collaborate with agricultural and food companies that share our own philosophy.

With our menu we would like to show that various food choices can coexist respectfully and satisfy all: we would like to welcome lovers of coffee and tea, along with those who want to taste a sweet or savory snack, maybe followed by a glass of natural or craft wine or an beer. This is also the right place for those who love the traditional Veronese cuisine but also the experience of Natural Cuisine.

"Preserve and treat food as you would your body,
remembering that in time food will be your body."

- BW Richardson - Doctor - 1882 -

Among the drinks you can find:

  • coffee coming from a small local roaster that follows traditional methods and works only with selected raw materials; it can be served as espresso, french press and brewed coffee.
  • hot chocolate and loose organic teas, carefully selected, served as an infusion into the cup with a special filter; we adopt the same method for herbal teas and infusions, that are also organic
  • natural and craft wine, worked in the old ways, in some cases also organic but, in any case, without added sulphates.
  • selected beers, both bottled and on tap.
  • fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetable juices to replenish vitamins, minerals, trace nutrients and antioxidants.


Traditional cuisine or natural cuisine for your lunch?

Natural Cuisine: a wholefoods cuisine, which uses the strength of whole grains and seasonal products. This cuisine is free from refined sugars and animal proteins paying special attention to people with food allergies and intolerances. We like to call this type of cuisine Natural because it is a way of cooking that adheres to nature and its products, minimizing the processing of all ingredients.

Traditional Cuisine: our history, our roots, good dishes of Veronese traditional cuisine, revived using local and high quality products.

In this way we want to peacefully coexist two different food choices, showing that this thing is possible in respect of all.

Not only lunch, but also panini, snacks and... aperitivo.


Come to us, we are in

Piazza Duomo 6/A, 37121 Verona, Italy

tel +39 389 188 41 67

Drop us a line: